Gibbons Electrical and Solar PV provides Professional PIR Testing suitable for domestic and commercial properties across Galway/Mayo areas

 Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR) Testing

PIR Testing is an important maintenance service for all electrical systems, ensuring that your electrical installation is safe and working optimally. As well as inspecting the functionality of your electrical system, electrical testing can identify any faults or deficiencies in your system against current electrical safety standards.
Here at Gibbons Electrical and Solar PV, we offer professional PIR Testing for domestic and commercial properties across Galway/Mayo areas and the surrounding areas. During your PIR Test, we will thoroughly test all electrical installations in your property, ensuring a full-service inspection that will identify any faults or sub-standard safety precautions. After your PIR test, we will provide you with a full professional report that is suitable for use for insurance and documentation purposes.

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What Happens During a PIR Test?

During a PIR Test, our team will thoroughly inspect all aspects of your electrical installation, including:

  • A Thorough Professional Inspection of All Electrical Wiring

  • Noting Potential Hazards or Non-Compliance with National Rules for Electrical Installations

  • Noting Any Defects or Damage of Electrical Equipment or Wiring

  • Identification of Any Serious Defects or Faults

  • Recommendations on Improvements to be Made

  • Professional Reporting

PIR Testing FAQ

  • What is PIR Testing?

    PIR Testing, also known as Electrical Testing, is a professional testing of the electrical wiring and installation in your property to ensure safety and compliance with the National Rules for Electrical Installations.

  • How often should I have PIR testing done in my business?

    The frequency that PIR Testing must be done in a business depends on a number of factors including how old your electrical installation is and the type of building you operate out of. Get in touch with Gibbons Electrical and Solar PV today for more information on how often you should have PIR Testing conducted in your business.

  • Where can I get Electrical Testing done near me?

    Gibbons Electrical and Solar PV provides Galway PIR testing for domestic and commercial clients across Galway/Mayo areas and the surrounding areas.